Rig Acceptance Testing

All Types of Rigs

At the beginning of their presence on the first well site, our teams have extensive experience for the performance of a full acceptance testing of the following units:

  • Drillships (including last generations)
  • Semisubmersibles
  • Jackups (including last generations)
  • Tender Assisted Rig
  • Swamp Barges
  • Land Drilling Rigs
  • Land Workover Rigs
  • Snubbing and Lifting Units

Detailed scopes for each type are available upon request.

Acceptance Testing Scope:

Our dedicated team will follow our special acceptance testing procedures that consists of:

  • Review of rig certificates & major maintenance records
  • Visual inspection of major equipment, including internal inspections
  • Functional Tests of all rig equipment and check their intrinsec safety features
  • Well Control: internal inspection, functional test and pressure test
  • High Pressure: check of last certification and pressure test
  • Rig Floor: Test of all rig floor equipment, including top drive and rotary table
  • Test of hoisting equipment (drawworks, brake, Elmagco, traveling assembly
  • Internal controls of mud pumps mechanical side
  • Load test of power plant, electrical system, electrical drive motors and mud pumps using high pressure circulation through the choke.

Detailed acceptance scope is available upon request.

We are known to be best digger, so if the rig has a problem, we will find it!

We also provide specific Rig Capacity Verification: a full study to confirm rig actual available power and capacities to perform a specific type of wells, especially when high power consumption is expected.

Fully Customised Service

Our in-house acceptance software module allows us to create a specific customer profile for each client. Such profile will contain all specific requirements given by the client. Those are automatically integrated into our checklists and will be performed for all jobs for such client.