Rely on the Best Inspectors

30 years field experience Worldwide

With no less than 30 years experience each, their expertise cover every aspect of drilling rigs (drilling, mechanical, electrical). Having worked Worlwide, on most of oil regions, especially Europe, MENA and Africa.

Our inspectors are not “checklist followers”, they are experts in their domains and dig much deeper than any standard inspector. We have several recommendation letters from clients for whom we they have identified so many hidden risks.

All types of Drilling Rigs

The expertise of our inspectors covers all drilling rig types:

  • Offshore Units: Jackup, SemiSub, Drillship, Platform Rig, Swamp Barge.
  • Onshore Rigs: Fully/Semi Automated, SCR/VFD, Fully Mechanical, Highly Mobile, Skidding, Winterized, Desert Moving, Heavy Rigs, Middle Size Rigs, Workover Units and Snubbing or Lifting Units

Competence Assurance Policy

Extract from our rigourous Competence Assurance Policy:

SRINEXT is conscious that its expertise and the quality of its service is strictly depending on the competence of its field employees, especially inspectors, auditors and HSE advisors.

So important efforts are made to ensure their competence and maintain it.

Even if our software contains very detailed checklists and controls, even if it gives a risk assessment for every single task, we believe that the input of our inspectors is unique and much more valuable.

As such, we have developed several processes to ensure and demonstrate their competence:

  • Selection:
    • At their recruitment, all our inspectors have at least 30 years experience onboard drilling rigs, mainly offshore but also onshore.
    • We double check their references and perform a formal assessment of their knowledge and experience
    • We also test their psychological skills: communication, work under pressure, behavior in case of emergency…
  • Induction: all inspectors receive a complete induction package and cannot perform their first job unless in double with another senior inspector.
  • Training: formal and unformal training sessions, on classroom and on field.
  • Field accompanying: during his first job, the QHSE manager will be part of the team to check the inspector’s competence and performance and give guidance if required
  • Annual Review: annual review is performed for all our inspectors
  • Formal Competence Assessment: we have developed a formal competence assessment test on our HQ. Its outcome is usually in line with field assessments.

Internally, after our customers, our inspectors receive the best support so they can perform their duties in a very proficient and safe manner. We also strive to receive and consider any of their suggestions and/or initiatives.

Implementing such processes and regularly reviewing them is the guarantee of the competence of our inspectors also its demonstration.

Be safe and seek excellence.