Desktop Rig Review

All Types of Rigs

Desktop rig review can be performed onboard or remotely. We perform such scope for the following types of rigs:

  • Drillships (including last generations)
  • Semisubmersibles
  • Jackups (including last generations)
  • Tender Assisted Rig
  • Swamp Barges
  • Land Drilling Rigs
  • Land Workover Rigs
  • Snubbing and Lifting Units

Detailed scopes for each type are available upon request.

All Rig Situations - All Project Steps

Desktop Rig review can be performed any time, for any rig situation.

Usually, our customers prefer such scope for the following situations:

  • Major doubt on rig certification status
  • Review of rig certification (after initial job onboard)
  • Narrowing rig list during tendering process (to make short list)
  • After rig major maintenance, modification or refusbishment
  • Scope to include Rig Design Review of major design change
  • In preparation for Rig Capacity Study (to confirm rig capacity to perform a specific well program)

Detailed scopes for each situation are available upon request.

Desktop Rig Review Scope:

Our inspection team can perform such scope onboard or remotely, provided that drilling contractor provides all required documents. The review will focus on the following:

  • Original Certification of major rig equipment, including well control equipment
  • Last Recertification of rig major equipment, including well control equipment
  • Last Overhauls of major equipment (mast/sub, blocks, top drive, drawworks, mud pumps, engines, generators, electrical drive motors…)
  • Last major maintenance records of the other rig equipment
  • Analysis of corrective maintenance records
  • Analysis of rig downtime/NPT
  • Analysis of all provided maintenance records

Detailed desktop review scope is available upon request.

We also provide specific Rig Capacity Verification: a full study to confirm rig actual available power and capacities to perform a specific type of wells, especially when high power consumption is expected.