Dedicated Inspection Software

Developed in-house by Drilling People

Saventio Inspection - Real Time Reporting

Dont wait for the daily report to be informed!

Every information that is recorded by the inspection team onboard the rig is automatically shared for all habilitated persons, inlcuding Client Representatives, onsite or in town, drilling contractor team and Srinext Technical Support Dept. Such automatic sharing is made in REAL TIME and allows quick review and decision making.

Access Punch List Online & Download it

Don’t wait the next day to know about a critical finding!

Each habilitated person (client, drilling contractor, inspection team, Srinext staff) can access the Online Punch List and perform the following:

  • Review of new findings
  • Add comments on any finding to be shared for all involved persons
  • See the supporting photo or change it
  • Change the status of the finding
  • Client and Srinext managers can close findings.
  • Export full punch list to Excel file

Access Daily & Final Reports & Download Them

Each habilitated person can access the Reporting screen, where he can read or download the last Daily Reports and/or the Final Reports (only for client).

Daily reports contain the following infos:

  • Rig Ongoing Operations
  • Main Performed Tasks
  • Main Findings
  • Planed Tasks for the next day
  • Supporting photos

Discuss Punch List Items (Share Comments/Decisions)

Start discussion of findings’ solutions right away!

Comments can be added to all persons (client, contractor, inspectors). Such comments are shared in real time so the discussion can take place online instead of multiple emails. Contractor can offer solutions to fix the finding and the inspector gives his view on that. Final decision belongs to the client.

Once the decision is taken, it is clearly written and shared with all persons. Drilling Contractor can then fill in the planning data (starting date, planned closing date…).

Even after inspectors go back home, Saventio remains open for the same persons to best follow up closing of the findings. We are committed to assist you till all findings are closed.

Plan & FollowUp Progress Online

At a glance, see how fast the findings are being closed!

The Planning screen is automatically updated after the change on any finding of the punch list. It shows a clear Progress Chart that gives a quick idea of the closing advancement. Further planning data can be provided.