Inspection of Land Drilling Rigs

All Types of Land Rigs

We perform inspections of all types of Land Rigs:

  • Fully/Semi Automated rigs
  • Diesel-Electrical rigs (SCR and VFD)
  • Fully Mechanical Rigs
  • Specific Rigs (Highly Mobile, Skidding, Winterized, Desert Moving…)
  • Heavy Rigs (1500HP, 2000HP, 3000HP)
  • Middle Size Rigs (750HP to 1500HP)
  • Workover Units (350 to 900HP)
  • Snubbing and Lifting Unit

Detailed scopes for each type are available upon request.

For Each Step of Your Project

Our offer extends to each of your project steps:

  • Contractor Prequalification: Management System Audit of contractors
  • Preparation of Tender: Destop Assistance on tender documents and specs
  • Tender Responses: Screening and analysis of contractors responses
  • Contractor Shortlist & Selection: Pre-hire survey of shortlisted rigs
  • Acceptance of the Selected Rig: Acceptance Testing of the rig before spud
  • During Rig Operations: Full Survey / Specific Inspection / Incident Investigation
  • Rig Going for Maintenance: Planning and supervision of major maintenance 

For each of the above steps, our service offer will be the best suited for your objectives and targets.

The Best Onshore Inspectors

We have the best onshore inspectors!

With no less than 30 years experience each, their expertise cover every aspect of drilling rigs (drilling, mechanical, electrical). Having worked Worlwide, on most of oil regions, especially Europe, MENA and Africa, their experience includes very specific aspects: winterised rigs, highly mobile, skidding, fully mechanical, full/semi automated…

Our inspectors are not “checklist followers”, they are experts in their domains and dig much deeper than any standard inspector. We have several recommendation letters from clients for whom we they have identified so many hidden risks.

Fully Customised Service

Our in-house inspection software allows us to create a specific customer profile for each client. Such profile will contain all specific controls to be performed by the inspectors. Those are automatically integrated into our checklists and will be performed for all jobs for such client. Specific requirements are usually related to Well Control and HSE policies and practices.