We build the best Fit-for-Purpose Management Systems

All Types of Oil & Gas Companies

We build the best fit-for-purpose management systems for:

  • Oil & Gas Exploration & Production Companies
  • Refining Plants
  • Production Facilities (onshore and offshore)
  • All Service Companies involved in Upstream Activities
  • All Service Companies involved in DownStream Activities
  • All Service Companies involved in Support Services (civil, logistics…)

Whatever is your activity within and in support to the oil & gas industry, we can help you build your management system and deploy it on the field.

For all Oil & Gas Activities

Our offer covers, but is not limited to the following activities:

  • UpStream Activities:
    • Seismic campaigns
    • Drilling & associated activities
    • Production (onshore and offshore)
  • DownStream Activities:
    • Refining
    • Processes
    • Oil & Gas transportation
  • Related & Support Activities:
    • Logistics & Transportation
    • Personnel Management & Training
    • Civil works-buildings
    • Civil works-roads
    • Civil works-specific (cellars, production hubs…)
    • General Field Operations

Management System for all Topics

We build management systems for every aspect/topic of your activity:

  • Quality
  • Occupational Health
  • Safety
  • Security
  • Personnel Management
  • Fully Integrated Systems
  • Budgeting Processes
  • Ethics & Compliance
  • Organizational Efficiency
  • Maintenance Management
  • Purchasing & Stock Management

We also provide management consulting for the following:

  • Organizational change
  • Personnel Commitment & Motivation
  • Talent management & retention
  • Middle Management Concerns
  • Internal Communication
  • External Communication & company image
  • Crisis management & Communication

Why a fit-for-purpose Management System?

A fit-for-purpose management system ensures the following:

  • System and procedures adapted to your organization
  • Interfaces and interactions between departments fully covered
  • Personnel involvement for building the system
  • System and procedures fully adapted to your provided resources
  • Every requirement written in one procedure was analysed and discussed
  • No risks and no surprises during deployment
  • Easier commitment of the personnel

We reach the above goals through an in-house specific method:

  • Systematic risk identification and analysis
  • Involvement of your personnel for those analysis
  • Analysis of company culture and habits
  • Analysis of management commitment and objectives
  • Alignment of all objectives (personnel, management, system, regulations…)
  • Building very flexible system that can evolve easily
  • 1-page communication documents (or 1-page procedures)

Whatever is your objective, we will help build the management system to reach it in time and within budget.

The best Management Systems Experts

We have the best management system experts!

With no less than 20 years experience each, their expertise cover every aspect of oil & gas management systems. Having worked Worlwide, on most of oil regions, especially Europe, MENA and Africa, their experience includes very specific aspects: refining, desert logistics, specific drilling, roads and buildings, …

Our experts have extensive experience on regulatory compliance and have participated in several jobs focused on the review of management systems to ensure their legal and regulatory compliance.

They will be able to build your procedures and management system that exactly fits your organization and resources. We do not copy/paste docs. We hugely care about copyright and confidentiality.