Rig Maintenance Systems

We build complete Maintenance Management Systems

For Drilling Contractors, we build fit-for-purpose Management Systems for Rig Maintenance. Hereafter some of developed topics that our team will help you build, implement, manage and improve:

  • Maintenance Routines:
    • We can provide you with a set of generic routines that your teams can adapt to your rig equipment
    • We can also issue fit-for-purpose maintenance routines, fully adapted for your rig equipment
    • We review each routines with your teams and train them to plan it and implement it
  • Maintenance Planning:
    • We provide you with our experience on the best ways to plan and follow up maintenance work orders.
    • Such planning can be setup on Excel for limited rigs and online for advanced management levels.
    • we build such planning for you online or give you access to our maintenance software called MAINTIVA.
  • Maintenance Manager:
    • We build or help you build KPIs and advanced indicators to better manage all maintenance aspects within your organization.
    • Such KPIs can be related to the maintenance department only or also the materials department and all involved departments.
  • Materials Management:
    • Building all processes of materials requisitions, quotations, purchasing decisions, budgets, transportation, delivery, custums…
    • Our suggestions and procedures will be adapted to your organization and current objectives.
  • Store Keeping: 
    • Discussion of all aspects of store keeping (on rig site, at base, at transit base, during transit…)
    • Issuing procedures and documentation required for such processes.
    • Select the most adapted STORE KEEPING software, our module with MAINTIVA or another one that can be selected by the client
    • Training and implementation of all decided aspects.
  • Critical Spares: specific processes to be implemented for critical spare parts (parts that can lead to important rig downtime).
  • Asset Manager:
    • This is a very specific module to follow up rig major equipment
    • Status of certification, legal compliance and recertification
    • It also includes the financial issues of asset depreciation
  • Organization Change:
    • We advise the client to implement the most suitable organisation, depending on the available resources
    • Organisation chart and communication processes
    • Optimization interferences between the different departments
    • Training of the client personnel
    • Planning and execution of full implementation
    • Personnel Commitment & Motivation
    • Talent management & retention
    • Middle Management Concerns
    • Internal & External Communication around maintenance

Our advantages

We have the best expertise for building maintenance systems:

  • As rig inspectors, we have audited more than 100 maintenance systems worldwide
  • We have built more than 19 complete maintenance management systems
  • We know the key sucess factors for both small and bigger contractors, both onshore and offshore
  • We have built our own Rig Maintenance Software: MAINTIVA, that is fully adapted to drillnig rigs operations and organisation.
  • Our inspectors are experts in drilling rig maintenance (chief engineers, PMS, mechanical and electrical superintendents, maintenance managers…)
  • We can help you selecting the most suitable Maintenance Software for your organisation, it can be from the market or our own Maintiva Software.