Drops Survey

Purpose & Scope

  • The dropped objects survey consists on conducting a detailed inspection of the mast/derrick and any other elevated structure for the potential drops hazard.
  • A detailed report gives the assessment of the potential drops hazard and recommendations to limit such potential.
  • The main purpose is to reduce potenitally fatal hazards caused by a dropped object
  • The above scope can be reviewed and adapted to client requirements.

Review of Drops Management System

  • Identification of all objects that can drop from their hanging location and harm people or equipment,
  • Review of calculation notices for the capacity of each object support, last load tests,
  • Check of any third party inspection report,
  • Check of calculation, drawings and procedures for top drive guide alignment,
  • Check of regular mast inspection,
  • Check of regular top drive inspection (especially for loose items),
  • Inspection of double securing features for potential dropped objects,
  • Inspection of fixation of lighting fixtures, sheaves, moving parts, rollers, nuts, bolts, clamps…
  • Control of the DROPS program and the frequency of inspection of each potential dropped object,
  • Check of the tag on each dropped object

Drops Programme

  • General drops awareness & Formalised drops programme,
  • Specific training and discussions records,
  • Inventories and records of drops,
  • Installation of new equipments in the derrick and management of change,
  • Manufacturer’s recommendations,
  • Inclusion of drops into safety and maintenance procedures,
  • Continuous improvement program

Drops Areas

  • Mast/Derrick Sections:
    • Crown section (bumpers beams, sheaves, handrails, lighting, bolting)
    • Upper section (between crown & racking board)
    • Racking board
    • Lower section (between racking board and drill floor)
    • Traveling Equipments (top drive, block, pipe handler, bundles and rotary hose)
  • Substructure Sections:
    • Outside cellar deck (mainly equipments falling from floor)
    • Inside Cellar Deck (BOP handling equipments, lighting, accessories…)
  • Other Areas:
    • Rig Floor/Dog House/Drillers cabin
    • Mud Pumps room
    • Engine & electrical room
    • Outside Deck
    • Cranes