Mast/Sub Cat IV Inspection

Mast/Sub Certification

  • Check of mast and sub identification and nameplates
  • Check of mast and sub original certification and design (COC and nameplate)
  • Check of last Cat IV inspection report
  • Check of last Cat III inspection reports
  • Check of any major repair or modification

Mast/Sub Cat IV Scope

  • Cat IV is conducted as per API RP 4G.
  • Full structure inspection of mast and substructure
  • Inspection of all elements and sub-systems of mast and sub 
  • Identification of any required repair job
  • Preparation of the recertification file

Cat IV Inspection Outputs

Depending on the agreed scope, Cat IV main outputs are the following:

  • Complete inspection report, supported by photos
  • Punch list of all findings (Excel or online)
  • Recording of Cat IV inspection as per API RP 4G Appendix checklist
  • If requested, supervision of repair jobs
  • If requested, preparation of recertification file
  • If requested, preparation of modification file, including design review

Please contact us for old non-identified masts/subs.