Well Control Inspection

Inspected Equipment

This is a specific scope mainly focused on well control equipment, especially for clients expecting difficult drilling conditions and well control risks. The concerned equipment are the following:

  • BOPs (annular, single ram, double ram)
  • Accumulator unit and associated equipment (bottles, hoses, remote panels…)
  • Choke Manifold & remote choke control unit
  • Choke line and its valves
  • Kill line and its valves
  • Mud cross, DSAs and Drilling spools
  • Trip tank, PVT system, flow show paddel, gas detectors…

The above list will be adapted, as per client requirements.

When to consider such scope

Well control inspection can be performed at any time. It is highly recommended for the following:

  • Rig experienced problems on well control equipment
  • The planned well presents important well control risks (total loss, venues, H2S…)
  • Before rig hiring for a high risk well program

Main scope tasks:

Our scope will be as follows:

  • Review of well control equipment Certificates (initial and original COCs)
  • Review of well control equipment RE-Certification records
  • Review of all related maintenance records
  • Internal inspection of BOP cavities (opened as required)
  • Internal inspection of annular (dismantled as required)
  • Visual inspection and functional test of accumulator unit and its remote stations
  • Functional test of the BOPs
  • Pressure tests of the BOPs
  • Pressure tests of the choke manifold, choke line and kill line and their valves
  • Functional test of all other well control equipment
  • Review of rig crew well control certificates
  • Review of rig crew training and readiness

Detailed well conttrol scope is available upon request.